Flowerdale Flowers


Quality is everything.

At Flowerdale we believe that quality means paying constant attention to detail.    Every day we invest to make our flowers, our production process and our people better.  Because at Flowerdale we believe quality is everything.

Lilies are our passion

Flowerdale has been growing cut flowers for 36 years. The passion still burns to grown beautiful product that stands out in the market. Over the years our team has gained the expertise, experience and instinct required to be the very best. Our love for flowers and...

The latest in nursery technology

Flowerdales 20,000-m2 Glasshouse is located in Wynyard, Tasmania. The facility was built in 2014 and has been designed to maintain a perfect growing climate for our lilies. Year-round production The Glasshouse and climate computer allow our lilies to be produced...

A family business.

In a tractor shed on a Tasmanian dairy farm in 1982 our business was born. Today, Flowerdale is one of the best producers of premium lilies in Australia. We currently produce approximately 4 million lily bulbs each year. Our oriental lilies are grown all year round,...