Flowerdales 20,000-m2 Glasshouse is located in Wynyard, Tasmania. The facility was built in 2014 and has been designed to maintain a perfect growing climate for our lilies.

Rob Sadler

Director, Flowerdale Flowers Pty Ltd

Year-round production

The Glasshouse and climate computer allow our lilies to be produced throughout the year.

During our Tasmanian winters the temperature is maintained by using waste biomass sawdust. This green energy is a renewable fuel and an important part of our goal of being carbon neutral.

Our summer are very mild with temperatures ranging from 15-26 degree in our hottest month of January. These cool condition allow Flowerdale to grow lilies with upright buds, stronger stems, greener leaves and a longer vase life when the rest of Australia is wilting.

Hydroponic growing

Flowerdale is utilizing the latest hydroponic growing method out of  Holland. All our Orientals are grown raised crates in a special potting mix that provided perfect nutrient and water to our lilies. We have invested in technology to plant  the bulbs in the most even and consistent manner possible. This provides a very even crop with green foliage and strong stem strength.  On average our lilies take three months to mature and become ready for harvest.