Flowerdale has been growing cut flowers for 36 years. The passion still burns to grown beautiful product that stands out in the market. Over the years our team has gained the expertise, experience and instinct required to be the very best. Our love for flowers and farming continuous to grow on this beautiful island of  Tasmania.

Bringing luxury into the lives of our customers

Lilies are the ultimate luxury product. Whether it is a pedestal display at a weddings or a table bouquet at a dinner party, lilies can provide a truly special display. At Flowerdale we grow both white and pink Orientals all year round and a variety of LAs in the warmer months. We continually look for new varieties that have more vibrant colour, longer vase life, bigger blooms, greener leaves.


Driven by Sustainability

We grow our flowers with the environment in mind.  Our glasshouse and hydroponic system allow us to grow with close to zero chemical use and very efficient levels of the water and fertilizer. Our heating system is biomass waste product that is carbon neutral. Every day we push ourselves to minimize waste and energy use. This is good for our environment and it’s good for our bottom line.

There is no substitute for Quality.

At Flowerdale we believe in the guarantee of quality. We are very proud of the lilies we grow, our company, our people and our technology. This is why you can rely on our product, every day of the year.